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Strike Legion Tactical - Sizes and Such
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Author:  Mr. Average [ Fri Jan 15, 2016 1:10 am ]
Post subject:  Strike Legion Tactical - Sizes and Such

Has anyone worked out what the relative vehicle sizes and signatures might tally to in "real" life? It may be that I'm just missing it, but I just see a raw numerical value with a ten-point spread with a single small/large breakpoint that doesn't have any examples that might help in determining what a vehicle's signature might be. Has anyone tried to work this out?

My best guess:

6 - Ultralight Vehicle
5 - Recon Vehicle or Bike
4 - Heavy Recon Vehicle or Wheeled Tank/Light Tank
3 - Light Tank
2 - Main Battle Tank
1 - Main Battle Tank
0 - Heavy MBT
-1 - Heavy MBT
-2 - "Light" Superheavy Tank - eg. Plasmablast "Tigerclaw" tank
-3 - Superheavy Tank - eg. Baneblade or Shadowsword
-4 - Large Superheavy tank or Light BOLO. - eg. Warhound Titan

Does that look right? Basically I'm trying to build a force and need a place to start on this to understand size and such relative to the game's mechanics. Any advice from more experienced SLT players would be helpful.

Author:  KaJo [ Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Strike Legion Tactical - Sizes and Such

Players can 'scale' the list you've created to their liking; a large number of players (and the units in most of the books) place the equivalent of a modern MBT (M1A2/Challenger II) at Signature 3. Keep in mind that a vehicle's Signature is not just a reflection of physical size, but also includes the heat and electronic emission that the increased number of systems and weapons produce at lower Signature ratings.

The scaling I usually use when creating units is:

6: light recon/Jeep
5: recon/light tank/1-ton pickup
4: medium tank/ deuce-and-a-half
3: MBT
2-1: Heavy MBT
0 to -1: 'Light' Superheavy
-2 to -4: superheavy/heavy walker
-5 to -12 BOLO/Titan territory

This keeps gameplay running at a reasonable clip as the majority of units are eliminated with a single penetrating hit. There's also less record-keeping involved when your MBT don't each require their own damage tracking. ;)

Author:  TriOpticon [ Mon Jul 04, 2016 1:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Strike Legion Tactical - Sizes and Such

Thanks for this. I was looking for something like that to see if I can build stats for the O8 3mm figures.

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