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Grindel Stronghold Squat List - 2019-10-17 (aka v1.7.1)
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Author:  Shoel [ Fri May 03, 2019 12:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Grindel Stronghold Squat List - 2018-05-15 (aka v1.7)

I wrote a post 2013 about "Ork based squats".
In that post I argued for the similarities between Orks and Squats, pointing out that the Ork society of warbands resembled the squat guilds. As they have traditionally been archenemies it naturally follows that what Orks know of tactics they’ve picked up from their foes.

And now I see that the Ork force organization has been adopted. I would suggest you atlest read the post, some of the ideas would work even now, for instance my solution to the problems of thunderfire and Goliaths.

From what I’ve gathered Goliaths and Thunderfire has been problems for all squat lists. My suggestion was to treat them as Oddboys in the ork list. a character upgrade for Thudd gun/mole mortar/Tarantula.

I went deep in the post, even suggested making the Warrior brotherhood be comprised of:
2 Hearthguard (Nobz)
6 Warriors (Orks)
2 Berzerker (Gretching, based on the WHFB trollslayers, seeking atonement through death, hence also expendable)
And the Leviathan into kind of a gunfortress. Capable of transporting the warband.

For all intents and purposes Shooty orks, "Stubborn" rule was akin to "Power of the Waaaagh" but instead of bonus to engage it was bonus to marshall, sustain and overwatch.

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