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Review: American Civil Paw - Slave2Gaming

 Post subject: Review: American Civil Paw - Slave2Gaming
PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:40 pm 
Brood Brother
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As you know, I play a lot of All Quiet on the Martian Front, and am relatively active in their online community. Through this connection, I connected with Slave2Gaming. They are an online miniature maker from Australia, who made a range of Dark World War 18mm figures that were useful during the gap between Alien Dungeon closing and Ironclad picking up the AQMF product line. Their cavalry is very cool. The models themselves are sculpted by Mike Broadbent and he is the primary sculptor for Slave2Gaming. Drew from Slave2Gaming reached out and asked me to take a look at and review one of their upcoming releases and I agreed.


The game is called: AmericanCivil Paw: The Battle of Teddysburg. It is a set of American Civil War rules with a bit of a twist. The combatants are all teddy bears re-enacting the “War between the States”. Therefore, some of the conventions of that era are adhered to, but it is a bit more whimsical take on the subject. The objectives were to create a relatively quick, streamlined set of rules less than 25 pages that would allow the Teddy’s to take to the table top. The rules were intended to be a “Mass Battle” game using 18mm figures formed into multi-based regiments. At the moment, the rules are in PDF download format only, with a more official book potentially being released with the range.

Before printing the booklet, the designer would like to get feedback and make changes. Therefore, the PDF version of the rules is currently in BETA. Hopefully, some of you with a lot of experience in ACW games will be able to give them some insight before they pay to print the book. He is especially interested in adding more unique Fantasy traits to the game but still keep the ACW theme.
Of course, besides the rules they are releasing an adorable range of miniatures that Mike sculpted. They are up to his usually standards of high quality and they should be great for Horse and Musket players looking for something a bit different, gamers who play other generic fantasy settings such as Dragon Rampant or Kings of War, and also gamers introducing the concept of wargaming to the next generation. The range by Mike will be a great bridge between fantasy and historical gamers and also act as a gateway for newer gamers. Teddy Bears don’t need to worry about their uniforms as much as real ACW toy soldiers!

You can find the BETA rules here at the moment: American Civil Paw: The Battle of Teddysburg


Once more into the fluffy breach then?


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