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Proposal for certain changes to improve sisters army fairly.
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Author:  Deb [ Sat May 23, 2020 3:00 am ]
Post subject:  Proposal for certain changes to improve sisters army fairly.

Sister, how to make them fit in with their thematic and 40K historical battle style, and role, while still keeping them viable as a tournament army list.

The first thing I would do is allow them to get their shield of faith ability automatically (refer 5th edition) as they always had an invul save even their vehicles. As to the fearless, I would make the Acts of faith ability the thing you need to roll.

My proposal for Acts of faith is that you need a 4+ to pass the test. You get cumulative bonuses to the roll based on certain things. +1 if you have any character (priest, Cannoness or Palantine) in the formation, +1 if you lost units between the start of last round and the start of this round (accounts for the sisters resolve to hold fast and revenge the loss of their fallen units). Lastly +1 if your formation is broken (They break out in song and increase their fervour and resolve). If successful, you choose one of 3 possible options. First is you get fearless until the start of your next activation (even though you might be broken). Second is you can remove half the blast markers from your formation with any additionals for leaders (just as if you had passed their morale test). Third is you get a bonus +1 to your CC statistics in the next ombat engagement this round.

Every broken Faithful formation that fails their morale test at the end of the turn can immediately roll for their faith test but must only take the fearless option if successful. They can still not activate in the next round until they pass a morale test, but this accounts as them singing and rallying in order to bring the emperors justice to the heretic.

This way the army does not suffer from whole formations of sisters (expensive core fomations) being destroyed from enemy sending in shots that could even damage the units just because a blast marker was placed on a broken formation.

The army can still have their lack of ranged weapons (more than 15cm) other than retributors and exorcists. They can still have their MW attacks in CC and at close range. The tanks are pretty much like Space marine transports, although the Repressor has Walker (dozer blade) and some even have a 15cm range attack with heavy flamers. Though the army does lack more than 1 formatin of skimmers, I should still get the massed hordes of religious fanatics, which I think should be able to take crappy transports fitted with a heavy stubber or Heavy Flamers, or you take the option of doubling thier number (to 20 stands) and forgoing transport.

I would allow the Knights, all 3 standard Titans but in Sanctum Class with decnt weapons to allow some indirect artillery support on both the reaver and Warlord), Repentance Scout Titan (but only in my Ministorum list). The the normal aircraft like Avenger strike fighters, Lightnings and Marauders. Add in the Spacecraft, the Cathedral (size of a Leviathan), and the Chapels (size of BaneBlades).

The support forces would still be your Penitent engines, Redemptionists and Inquisitorial Warbands (0-2).

With these changes you would not need to reduce the cost of the sisters formatons or allow for them to add in extra units to the formation. The army would stride forward using their massed redemptonists to absorb a lot of the damage, as Orks tend to do with their massed orks and Grots, and then close in to engage the enemy.

I think this idea would make them more durable, less prone to having their core formations getting wiped out because they can not rally and BMs removing their remaining numbers, and you have the flexability to keep troops fearless (hoping they will rally on their own next round), remove blast markers (thus be able to do something like advance to cover), or give them a bonus in the ensuing engagement (as their righteous zeal increases), and the sisters would still have the invul save from their shield of faith.

Allied formations and Support formations would not benefit as they do not get the Faithful/acts of faith rule. The enemy can break them, and kill them off to their hearts content (as that is their role). It means your core wold be tougher, and your support would take the brunt of the damage, but cost cheaper points, and to balance it all out, you would limit support formations to 2 for every core. Problem solved.

Author:  chivalrynsorcery [ Mon May 25, 2020 4:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Proposal for certain changes to improve sisters army fai

What version are you referring to, the AU version or the 2.1 which is currently being play tested and waiting to be approved with the right amount of battle reports.

2.1 has chapels, cathedrals, lightning strike, marauders, scouts (dominion), missing are knights and titans, but really Sisters never really used those big war engines.

Their is the Death Watch list to be play tested
Sisters of Battle
Grey Knights

are these changes you mention above for the ministorum list?

Author:  Deb [ Tue May 26, 2020 3:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Proposal for certain changes to improve sisters army fai

The list I checked recently was a 1.0 It's early days list that Mard has been putting forward. It has a lot of things removed either by accident or referred to, but no stats given. The list 2.1 seems to have dropped any thing that may give the sisters any form except for the one shot Luna Class Cruiser that is hit and miss. And sisters had allied titans, just as Imperial guard and space marines do. They should still be there. Perhaps they can be included in the next list version.

I still like my idea for having the shield of faith automatically inluded, and the acts of faith rolled and the option for fearless, a free pass on the morale test or a bonus to close combat.

I also think my ministorum defence list is now both balanced, and flexable enough tobe a mid tier tournament list.

I checked the Army forge list buider that I used to create my tournament list, and it is still there found in the NetEA Lists that included the reaver titan. There is no list under the AU lists for sisters. The UK lists has an adeptus sororitus army list but this is really weak.

Either way, the Faithful is hit and miss, and sisters do not get their automatic invul save. Sisters have to advance towards the enemy in force to avoid being cut down in dribs and drabs. Their transports are targeted to make them walk, or slow down to keep up with the units now on foot. You then have to weather the enemy fire, and this is usually longer ranged, normally indirect, or disrupt, and then the sisters break. Enemy move closer and then shoot he broken formations, use aircraft, or shoot at them with weapons just to cause BM. It is what I would do. The sisters get shot piece meal, and if the enemy is fast like Eldar/Tau/Dark Eldar, they run away really fast, out of range.

2 years ago The legal version had a Reaver (sactum class) titan, the NetEA list still does on Army Forge. It Had a Melta cannon, a Gatling Blaster and an Apocalypse Missile Launcher. The list did not fair well. because of low activation, Faith tests became harder to do, and the enemy kept picking on broken formations with artillery. I faced off against 2 AMTL armies, a Marine Drop list that was supported by Whirlwinds, and ranged AT units and Landspeeders. A Knights list that kept making their shield saves, rallys, and RA saves, had the range on my forces, and even speed. They targeted my rhinos and Repressors, and used their limited artillery on my exorcists and kept them broken or supressed. I also faced an imperial guard Steel legion army with lots of tanks and artillery, and aircraft. and AA. You can guess how well that went. I felt sisters were low quality, and could not perform well, even against a mid tier army like Knights.

The only time the sisters worked well for me was in minigeddons where enemy could not afford lots of artillery, could not have aircraft, spaceships, drop pods, and were also limited to choosing mechanised formations or foot plod troops, and could not get a lot of support formations. Sisters held their own, as I could close in fairly fast, and did not loose my transport until I had engaged the enemy, but they also lost transports by that stage. Fights were fairer. I still lost some, had ties, and wins, but they did not seem to be more one sided.

I love sisters, always have. That is why I have a 5000+ point 40K army (using 5th ed codex), and with my arbites an 15000 point ministorum defence conclave army.

I will still use sisters, but for friendly games, not tournament lists. For that I have Orks, Feral Orks, Necrons, Vraaksian Renegades, Red Corairs, Iyanden, Sian-Hann, Emperors Children, Squats, and in the future will be Tau.

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