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Ordo Xenos - Death Watch 2019(Developmental) - Playtesting
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Author:  AdamPaints [ Mon Jun 28, 2021 11:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ordo Xenos - Death Watch 2019(Developmental) - Playtesti

Now iv had quite a few games in with the deathwatch, sorry I didn't do a write up of these but do have some comments, first I feel like the stormtroopers should be able to take arvus lighters instead of chimeras?

Also, can a watch captain take terminator armour?

Author:  m_folais [ Mon Sep 12, 2022 2:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ordo Xenos - Death Watch 2019(Developmental) - Playtesti

Turn 1
Kal has initiative. He moves up the assault troops by the Blitz right before the hill in front of the LoB. He retains with the planes. BM on the LoB. My talons lay a blast marker on his 2nd assault detachment. They jump up to the forest in front of my Blitz. I jump the possessed onto the hill in front of his bounding assault troops. The Veterans move up to the center hill. LoB doubles up to the opposite side of the hill the 1st assault troops bounded to. The LoB covers the center and has a diagonal lane of fire. He lays a BM on the veterans. The chimera on his right advances along side the assault troops on his right flank. My 2nd possessed jumps in front of the Veterans in the center. The chimera detachment on his left fails.
Kal is out of activations. Space ship hits nothing, bad plotting. Drop 1 eats the Veterans. Drop 2 bounces off the assault marines on his right flank. I move the Retinue with Rhinos off the Blitz into terrain. awaiting the Kal's drop.
All broken detachments come back, but my drop that broke.

Turn 2
My Termies tellie, Kal's tellie. I win initiative. My termies eat the chimera detachment that failed. I retain possessed on bounces of the other chimera detachment. Kal's termies are eaten by the LoB. Kal retains, planes break the other Possessed. The retinue in Rhinos break the 2nd assault detachment. Kal's drop 1 breaks the retinue with rhinos. He retains drop 2 finishes the broken drop.

Turn 3
Kal wins initiative. Nothing much happens detachment wise. My possessed are gone and the retinue with rhinos remains broken. I hunt his BTS. LoB shoots does jack. Termies lay a BM. We move for objectives. T&H and Blitz for both.

Turn 4
We both are spent. I am too slow to to get any where. We both face the problem if a unit moves it gives up a point. I try to contest blitz for Kal. That forces him to spend the only detachment he has to shoot me. I shoot up his BTS. T4 ends with us more beaten up and we go to points.

World Eaters kill 1760
Death Watch kills 980

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