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Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave List ver 1.5 version
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Author:  Deb [ Sun May 13, 2018 9:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave List ver 1.3

I had a game of Epic today. My Ministorum army vs Chris's Experimental Black Templar army he is developing.

I had

Cannoness leading 4Celestians, in 2 Repressors ,a Priest, an Immolator and a Hunter.
Palantine leading 4 Dominions in 2 Repressors
Palantine leading 8 Sistersin 3 Repressors, hunter, Priest.
Proctor leading 6 Arbitors in 3 Rhinos
Proctor leading 6 Arbitors in 3 Rhinos
Proctor leading 6 Shock Squads in 3 Repressors
5 Black Marias, Hunter
Lieutenant leading 9 Planetary Guard Squads in 5 Chimeras
3 Basilisks
2 Squadrons of 2 Avenger Strike Fighters.

The enemy had a Drop assault based strike force
A Lander, Deathstrike Drop Pod formation, 3 formations of Tactical and Neophite troops dropped in 5 Storm Ravens. One had a Dreadnought. 2 Squadrons of Fighter planes, a Spaceship, 2 formations of troops dropped in drop pods.

He set his spaceship to assault me on turn 2 so I could not put all my forces on Overwatch when he planetfell and unloaded his forces before engaging my troops.

I had a rough time outnumbered where he struck, but through a series of manoeuvres that allowed me to bring my forces to bear in numbers, some good saves and rolls for Faithful, as well as some bad rolls by him to hit me, I was able to even things up. We both lost our Supreme Commanders, however I had enough forces to deny objectives and take his BTS and another objective, while denying him some of mine (including my Blitz).

It was a bloody battle, as I lost the Basilisks, the shock troops, an arbitors Patrol, the Dominions, the Black Marias, and my Celestines with Cannoness. He lost his Deathstrikes drop pods, 2 of his storm raven dropped formations, a drop pod dropped assault formation, and half his aircraft. Many of his remaining formations were mauled badly, but he had enough to make me worry. I also had a couple formations left that could have broken if he concentrated on them.

This army had a balanced composition, and enough AA to make him worry about his assault forced being shot down.

The list lacked ranged artillery, and Titan killing weapons.

Author:  Deb [ Sun May 27, 2018 1:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave List ver 1.2.2

I have upgraded the Sister/Ministorum list to version 1.2.2

I hope you enjoy the list. I think if these changes are OK with everyone, then this is the list I will put forward for trialling and testing.

Author:  Norto [ Sun May 27, 2018 8:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave List ver 1.2.2

Looks fun Deb, damn lot of options but still looks fun for games.

Avengers look crazy good with 4 SS shots each. Merchandised retinues or AA guns will hate them :D but see how they go in games. Id try and have some games for you but Ive got Death Watch and the Grey Knights on my plate atm.

Patient engines back to normal armour is probably a good move. The new building objective is cool too.

Keen to see some battle reports. And pictures. :D

Author:  Deb [ Sun May 27, 2018 10:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave List ver 1.2.2

Glad you like the list Norto. I am having problems with the new photohosting website - postimage.org/postimage.cc because they have a problem with the registry, and newer photos are unable to be linked, and you can not actually add new photos. or link to existing photos in posts now.

I am now looking for a very inexpensive and especially ad free photo hosting site that does not involve Google, (as I do not have or want a google account). I want to avoid Flickr and Photoshop where you have to pay anywhere from $100 to $400 a year to link to your photos.

I have painted quite a few more minis for my Ministorum army since my last post update a while ago, and will soon have more minis for my Eldar armies and may even complete one of them. I just got in 6 of the Vanguard proxies for Penitent Engines, as well as a host of minis for my Dark Mechanicum army and building from a few of the different ranges on the website.

Add to this the need to relocate somewhere else locally as the new owners want to move into the apartment, and I have a lot on my plate right now. Sorry to hear about Heavy Bolter. I hope I have a bit more success with MOAB this year. I have 3 sponsors lined up for it.

I will continue to play test the new army, but since Chris a local gamer is the only regular play against, my list of opponents is limited. Hopefully I can get in games against AMTL, Knights, his Black Templars, marines, his Eldar (or perhaps my Iyanden if he wants to use them), or his new Vraksian Renegades army.

I never get to play against other armies like Tau or Necrons. Pity, however I will design a 3000 point list to use as the Bye army for people to face off against at MOAB.

I hope to see you at MOAB if you can make it. If I get the place I am looking to rent, it will be a 3 bedroom house, and should be able to put people coming to MOAB up in one of the bedrooms.


Author:  Deb [ Sun Sep 09, 2018 9:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave List ver 1.3

I had a battle with the updated 1.3 version list today. 3000 points Ministorum vs Vraksians.

525 pts Regimental HQ Platoon Supreme Commander 12 Guard Squads, 7 Chimeras
650 pts [BTS] Malcador Battle Company – 10 Malcadors
625 pts Leman Russ Battle Company – 10 Leman Russ
250 pts Artillery Squadron – 3 Malcadors
150 pts Flak Squadron – 3 Hydras
100 pts Sentinel Squadron – 4 Sentinels
200 pts Deathstrike Squadron – 2 Deathstrikes
200 pts Hellblade Squadron – 3 Hellblades
175 pts Helltalon Squadron – 2 Helltalons

My Ministorum force

425 pts Celestine - Cannoness leading 4 Celestines, hunter, 2 Repressors, M/Melta Immolator
400 pts Mission - Palantine leading 8 Battle Sisters, Priest, 4 Rhinos
200 pts Engines – 5 Penitent Engines
225 pts Repentance – Priest leading 10 Redemptionists, 5 Civilian Vehicles
400 pts Inquisitorial Warband – Inquisitor, 8 Storm Troopers, 4 Valkyries, 2 Vendettas
200 pts Arbitors – Proctor leading 6 Arbitor Stands, 3 Rhinos
300 pts Black Marias – 5 Black Marias, 1 Hunter
275 pts Repentance Class Titan – Meltablaster/ Power Sword
275 pts Repentance Class Titan – Vulcan Mega Bolter/ Power Sword
200 pts Avenger Squadron – 2 Avenger Strike Fighters
200 pts Avenger Squadron – 2 Avenger Strike Fighters

Turn 1 - I rolled badly for initiative, and the Vraksians fired both Deathstrikes at one of my Titans. Thankfully when he rolled the damage, he rolled 2 1’s. I got a blast marker and lost my shields. OMG I was so lucky. Chris then fired the Minotaurs at my Black Marias destroying 1. I moved up my redemptionists up and threatened his minotaurs hiding in woods at the rear of his table. Retained and then tried to shoot his malcadors with my now
depleted Black Maria formation. I failed to destroy any (damn reinforced armour).

The turn went fairly one way then the other with me moving forces to be in position to assault next round. I lost some of my Penitent engines, and my redemptionists, while the vraksians lost a Hellblade and 2 Leman Russ tanks.

Turn 2
I won the initiative and sent the Inquisitorial warband up to unload and shoot the Leman Russ tanks. I killed a couple, and wasted my 8 AT2+ one shot missiles, and my one shot 8 BP Distupt missile attack. I did almost nothing to the Leman Russ tanks. He then moved up, and killed off 3 of the Stormtroopers, 2 Vendettas, and 2 Valkyries. They broke and ran to hide. I moved the Repentance titan with the Meltablaster up and tried to get some revenge, and destroyed one vehicle.

I marshalled my penitents, moved my celestines up to support my black marias. The regimental command moved to support the Malcadors and shoot at the Redemptionists.
The mission moved up the center to threaten the hydras and sentinels. Retaining, I failed to damage the Minotaurs with avengers.

I received a ground attack by the Helltalons against the Penitent engines. I intercepted and killed off a Helltalon. I sent my last titan up to shoot his Hydras breaking them. Chris moved to kill off more of my remaining inquisitorial warband with his leman Russes. Then tried to finish them off with his hellblades. A Valkyries and the inquisitor stand were all that remained and then broke. I assaulted his Leman Russes with my Redemtion Titan, and lost it for no losses to his Leman Russes.

End of turn, he had mauled the Inquisitorial warband, and the redemptionist who were just below half strength. I had 2 Penitent engines left, and had lost a Repentant titan. Chris lost a lot of his aircraft, his deathstrikes, some more of his Malcadors, a couple Leman Russes.

Turn 3 was where things turned and I got the upper hand.

I lost initiative, but when the Regiental command platoon assaulted my redemptionists Chris rolled badly killing off 2 of them, while I killed 6 of his. We rolled, and he lost nearly all the remaining Regimental command group who broke and ran. I countered and moved up my Black Marias who shot at his Malcadors, retained and assaulted them with my Celestines killing a lot of them with my FF MWs. I lost 1 to his 4. He rolled badly, and I rolled well, and he lost his BTS.

He ground attacked my Penitent engines, but only killed 1, breaking them. I intercepted the Helltalon, killing it off. Chris shot my Inquisitorial warband which rallied last turn, killing off the last of them, and then double moved his Leman Russes to attack my remaining repentance class titan, removing its shields and a DC. I tried to reposition the titan to kill off his sentinels, but failed to activate it I elected remove blast markers.

His Hellblades shot at my penitent engines that were nearly destroyed, and only put a blast marker on them, but they are fearless. I intercepted them with my Avengers, killing another one. I repositioned my arbitors up to take an objective in the enemy half, but lost control of my Blitz. At the end of the turn I had T&H, and BTS, while Chris had failed to get any objectives. It looked like my army would be destroyed in turn 2, but it all turned around in turn 3. Dice rolls do make the difference, even though Chris had good tactics and really good forces to achieve them, the dice were not with him.

We both enjoyed the game, and Chris decided to redesign his list again to get more activations, and have better assault troops.

Author:  Norto [ Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave List ver 1.3

Boooooo for double 1s on his deathstikes. Always seems to happen though when shooting them. YEEESSSS i won the initiative.... double 1s.....your kidding me.

Sounds like a fun game. Any pics?

Author:  Deb [ Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave List ver 1.3

No pics, we got too involved in the game, an Chris who normally take photos did not take any photos either.

My army and Chris's were both well painted, and they would have come up well.

Author:  Deb [ Thu Mar 21, 2019 1:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave List ver 1.4

Version 1.4 of the Ministorum Defence Conclave is now out.

Author:  Deb [ Sat May 23, 2020 11:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave List ver 1.5 versi

Now updated to version 1.5.

Fixed the lack of numbers and activations, fixed the acts of faith so it works closer to how it was meant to and made sure the invul save is automatic rather than needing to be rolled up. Also allowed for titans to be included (yes normal Sanctum class titans). Fixed the stats on the sisters command units, and put the penitent engines, Inquisitorial warbands, and redemptionist as support formations with 2 for each core. Also Arbites are 1 for each core.

Author:  Deb [ Mon May 25, 2020 8:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ministorum Homeworld Defence Conclave List ver 1.5 versi

Missed a few small things and corrected them. Especially so there was no confusion over the acts of faith.

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