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Adepta Soroitas EpicAU Draft 1.0: It's early days -be cool
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Author:  Resa F [ Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Adepta Soroitas EpicAU Draft 1.0: It's early days -be

Liking it, especially the addition of Knights!
It doesn't look like Celestians have a place in this list as is though, despite their stats being present?

Author:  Deb [ Fri May 22, 2020 12:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Adepta Soroitas EpicAU Draft 1.0: It's early days -be

I hate the Warlord Titan, with the devotional bell replacing the carapace weapons. What happened to the nice Sanctum pattern Reaver Titan? You could atleast give the Warlord some artillery to make up for the lack of indirect artillery in the sisters list. However you have not included the rules for the dovotional bell in the units stats.

I miss the Spaceship which provides a massive artillery srtike, which if you work things out well can be co-incided with your forces advance to wipe out enemy in a particular area you want to take. You still have the stats for it, but not the option to purchase it.

I see you removed the massed hordes of religous fanatics led by a priest, which provided a nice cheap support formation to help provide initiative sinks, and give the enemy something else to shoot at other than your expensive sisters. Also the Warlord shoulsd have an initiative rating of 1 not 2.

The list now looks like a really weak version of a ground space marine army with all ranged weapons except the exorcists removed, all the cheaper initiative sinks removed, any artillery options people found they could use removed, and the useful reaver Titan replaced by a nuted more expensive Warlord titan. Yes you have a lot of core choices, but they all seem expensive for what you get.

Since Faithful is hit and miss, I often find it can work against you rather than for you, so the army should not have to rely on dice rolling for it so much if you remove all the stuff that helped the army survive. I had a tournament where I lost 5 out of 5 games because the dice gods turned on me. My tactics were sound. I tried to organise cliipping assaults, crossfire, and picked on enemy broken formatons to reduce their numbers. I could not activate formations that had blast markers on them, or even some formations that were not broken neading 2+ to activate fatihful. Most of my re-rolls were 1s, and I had so many formations that were broken had lost their transports, and were being killed off because I could not get them fearless, and enemy just kept breaking them and pounding them while they hid in cover. One game was a 5-0 objective loss. I have not used sisters in tournaments since them, and decided to build my ministorum list to balance the army out.

As far as I can see, the list has gone from a bottom tier to a below the bottom rung army. Not even worth considering using for a friendly game let alone a tournament.

Author:  Deb [ Fri May 22, 2020 12:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Adepta Soroitas EpicAU Draft 1.0: It's early days -be

I think the Celestians should be incorporated as the bodyguard for a Cannoness and Palantiine upgrade. Able to added to any suitable sister formation. (except maybe Repentia andSeraphim). Suggested stats would be 4+ save, Heavy Bolter and a MultiMelta with Flamers for their standard weapons FF (IC). CC4+ FF4+ Fearless. This makes them an integral part of the army, and you do not have to provide a special formation for them.

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