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Author:  tc63 [ Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adeptus Arbites

Depends if you wanted the more organic look like the forgeworld enforcers cyber mastiff rather than the specialist games all metal versions, but Irregular miniatures do a handler with war dogs in their 'Conquest of Mexico' range:

Author:  tc63 [ Thu Sep 22, 2016 10:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Adeptus Arbites

I've just been admiring microworlds excellent microwasteland range and wondering which lists the vehicles and infantry would look good in. Obvious choice is the lost and the damned I think for land transporters and cultists.

Got me thinking though. How would people feel about a new non-core formation of ash waste ganger types? It could be a max 1 per 1000 points formation to prevent spamming them, or I could look at maybe having all the ganger / militia type formations essentially being the warengine/flyer 3rd of the army list, as the arbites currently have none of these to field. This would mean a semi-viable army could be created that wasn't simply made out of loads of arbite formations but was more like a complete city defence force of arbites and hive gang militia working together.

Edited to reduce rambling:
New idea for hive gang militia formation. Only one type, goes in allies/flyers 1/3rd of the army list. Militia have the same stats as chaos cultists instead of grots (so deputised militia cost 15 points each now).
11 militia units and 1 militia leader unit for 200 points. Can then choose one (and only one) upgrade from following list:
Ash waste gangers: add 12 ash waste vehicle units ('transport 1' versions of land transporters. Can cover bikes, buggies and cars). 150 points?
Frenzied mob: add 10 militia units. 150 points.
Civilian uprising: add teleport rule. 50 points.

Author:  Deb [ Mon Jan 13, 2020 1:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Adeptus Arbites

I know this is an old topic, and probably not maintained as much, but I have been designing a fan list hoping it would become a stable development list, but it probably won't. Anyway I have arbites in my planetary defence list, however I have incorporated the cyber hounds as an upgrade to a Arbites Patrol formation (max 2 per army), and this upgrade gives the unit (not the formation) the scout ability.

I like the idea of the arbites list. It brings a new perspective to the type of armies we would see on the gaming table. The idea of smaller cheaper formations with mediocre stats, saves, weapon ranges, but some nice rules for morale. There is nothing that really provides hard hitting TK, very limited MW, sentry guns that can not move being the only ground based AA, with no air support. I would be seeding the area I control with quite a few of these to stop enemy aircraft free reign.

Bikes help a lot, as do the Rhinos and Repressors and Valkyries for the more mobile objective grabs, and to move formations to support weakened flanks. The sector house is great objective replacement and a nice spot for your defenders to roost in with a nice 3+save - perhaps a single Imperial void shield. I have always liked the idea of road blocks being used by police or Planetary police to slow enemy infiltrators, and provide hasty defences.

Krack/gas grenadeauncherss and bolter/shotguns have always been synonymous with arbitors.

The deputised militia and uprisings make the army upgrades really cheap, especially as the militia are expendable.

I can see an army withas many formations as an ork speedfreaks army, maybe more. I think I could easily build a list with with about 15 formations.

I did note that the old 3rd edition 40K arbites army armoured support tank - the Black MAria is not represented in your list. I have them in my army list however I limited mine to just 1 formation of them with a hunter tank upgrade.

As to miniatures for the army, I have made an extensive listbelow for where to but the minis.

Arbitor partol units - Onslaught minis Teran PPF enforcers and Pacifiers
Arbitor shock troops -onslaught minis Teran PPF Supressors
Arbitor Execution /Sniper teams - Hard to find, but any suitable Marine scouts with sniper rifke or guard snipers would do.
Cyber Mastiffs Onslaught Teran Planetary Police force
tarantulas - Onslaught sisterhood sentry guns - Hyperios - Vanguard Noven regulars Rapier Missile Platform
Repressors - Onslaught Teran PPF Exterminator APC
Arbitor Bikers - Onslaught sisters Nemesis Bike squad
Militia - Onslaught sisterhood Minerva squad.
Valkyries - Vanguard minis Novan Kestrol transport
As for the Black Marias - Novan Elites Hailstorm tank squadron
Rhinos - Vanguard Novan elites Sparta Apc

If you want to see some photos of my massive Arbites collection I painted for my Sisters Ministorum planetery defence army, I can post some here.

I hope these ideas are helpful. I think this army could be a really fun list for those gamers who are bored of the OP tournament lists.

Author:  Deb [ Tue Jan 14, 2020 8:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adeptus Arbites

With your permission, I might use the skeleton of your Arbites list and combine it with my Sister Ministorum Arbites, to create a new Arbites list.

Author:  Deb [ Tue Jan 14, 2020 11:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adeptus Arbites

Here is a rough idea of the arbites list I am looking at. The Black Marias give the list a little more punch, The Lightnings and Thunderbolts give some air cover, ground attack, and the bulk of the force is cheap enough so that you can have a lot of smaller inexpensive formations, a few mobile snatch and bike formations, the expendable volunteer militia. You can build up a few of the formations with reinforcements to make then last longer.

The roadblocks and precint block house give the army some static defences, and the change from separate cybermastif units being added to an upgrade for up to 2 units with the cyber mastiffs bonus those 2 units (not the formation) gets an increase in their performance - CC raised to 3+ and gains both the scout and infiltrator rules. Combine all this with the hold the line ability from the Proctor, Judge, and Marshal characters, and key units in the formation can forge ahead and close with the enemy. The Marshall character is an alternative to the Judge (but a Psyker) he gets a FF EA +1 MW Inspiring, commander, hold the line and invul save. The Judge has Supreme Commander EA+1 MW for CC, hold the line and Invul save.

New list below:

Redact of tc63 Arbite list with added formations

Precinct Formations
200 points – Arbites Patrol – 1 Proctor and 6 Arbitor units – Judge, Reinforced Patrol, transport, sentry guns, cyber mastiff
200 points – Arbites Riot Team – Proctor, 6 Shock squads – Judge, Transport, Cyber mastiff, Reinforced Patrol
200 pts – Interceptors – Proctor, 6 Arbite Bikers – Judge

Precinct Support formations
200 pts – Sentry Guns – 6 Tarantula sentry guns (0-1 Hyperios) TL Lascannon, TL HBolter, TL MMelta – Sentry guns
175 pts – Supression Team – 4 Execution teams – Transport
200 pts – Interdiction team – Proctor, 6 Arbitor units (formation has teleport ability) – Reinforced patrol
225 pts – Snatch Patrol – Proctor, 4 Arbitor units, 2 Valkyries
200 pts – Volunteer Militia – Mortiurge, 12 militia units – cybermastiff
250 pts – 0-1 Black Marias – 5 Black Marias – 1 Hunter for 50 pts
100 pts – 0-1 Blockhouse (replaces an objective in your half)
50 pts – 0-3 roadblocks – up to 30cm of road blocks

Planetary Navy allies.
150 pts – Lightnings – 2 Lightning fighters
200 pts – Thunderbolts – 2 Thunderbolt Fighter bombers

10 pts per unit upgraded – Cyber Mastiffs – up to 2 cyber mastiff upgrades can be added to units in formation. Each unit upgraded gains scout and infiltrate rules and has its CC increased to 3+.
25 pts per unit added – Reinforced Patrol – up to 6 additional Arbites or Shock units in any combination.
+50 points Judge – 0-1 Judge/ Marshall character upgrade
Transport – Rhinos free, Repressors 25 points each (only enough transports to hold each unit in formation without) Sentry guns can not fit in transports
25 pts each – Sentry guns – up to 2 sentry guns chosen from TL Hbolter, TL MMelta, TL Lascannon

I think this list is a little more flexible, and runs in line with the old 40K arbites list with the inclusoin of the Black Marias.

Author:  Deb [ Mon Jun 13, 2022 10:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adeptus Arbites

I think this list is missing one support unit. A 0-1 Black Maria squadron. 5 Black Maria Tankss 250 points with the option of a hunter missile tank add on. Only a suggestion. They had them in the old 40K list as a rare choice.

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