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The world of Blighty
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Author:  madd0ct0r [ Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:41 pm ]
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bits of it are coming back into memory now. I've remembered most of the Nuthn'ers, and about half the Neds and Medley. will keep noting it up.
(the bits I can't remember can't have been that good imagery wise :) )

Author:  madd0ct0r [ Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The world of Blighty

Found the notebook!


The Nutherners are a strange breed. Largely nomadic pastoral herders, they nonetheless maintain settlements and an industrial base thanks to their relationship with the coal-wyrms. These great mud-spawn infest the underworld of Blighty, chewing through rock in the dark, feasting on coal seams. When a coal-wyrm has reached maturity it will start to force its way back to the surface. These vibrations signal other nearby mature wyrms the mating time has come and soon the landscape erupts with the huge creatures. Great chimney’s unfurl and clouds of reactive spores fizzle and fuse in the sky. Once the great Spring is over, the Nuthener's excavate the mass of long bodies, claiming fuel, metals and even housing from the carcasses. Otherwise, these taciturn clans keep to the hills, traveling with the wool-beast flocks, trading and occasionally fighting with each other.

Almost a society within a society, Props see their role as one of support and stability. When disaster strikes or need is great, the Props will be there to lend a hand. They each carry a heavy bore grapeshot to battle, but such is their hatred of invaders and despoilers they often prefer to close with the enemy as a hammer-tip formation. As they charge the lead is pushing back against his squad until the last moment. Apart from the great strength requirement, a Prop needs to know the full poetry cycle of the Nuthener's history, pass the trial of blood and claim the mentorship of two kin to claim the title.

Although far to valuable to routinely risk on the front line, the sheer shock power and enduracne of these great animals has tipped the balance in otherwise desperate situations. Reacting to enemy forces as they would to dangerous animals (often correctly), the rams of the flock lead the charge. Thier dense metallic wool coats abosrbsing most small arms fire and their brute horn and sinew gouging and flipping enemy armour.

Spore Guns
Rarely a Nutherner band chance upon a Coal Wyrm mating and rarer still they manage to catch a zygote before it burrows into the earth. Carefully nurtured on a cocktail of fuels, wastes and training chemicals, the zygote is pushed into accelerated maturity, developing into an immobile spore chimney. The 'adjusted' spores are deeply unstable and, strapped to a Shepard walker make for a formidable artillery unit.

Rangers are the eyes and ears of the Nutherner settlements. Mounted on heavy quad-bikes, they range the dangerous hills as scouts, reporting spawns, landslides or new coal wyrm emergence sites. They often carry messages between settlements or Shepard flocks and generally act out all the roles in Nutherner society where speed and a keen mind are required. They excel as outriders and scouts but also serve as clan diplomats and couriers between the different powers.

Bandit raids on the Nutherner's flocks are rare since an agitated flock is capable of overturning a tank and their matted wool is proof against most conventional weapons. Still, flocks can be overwhelmed by Mud-spawn emerging from the hills or scattered by a storm. A Nutherner Shepard tracks and cares for his flock on four great piston driven legs, armed with a crook for 'man-handling' errant sheep and a heavy cannon for scaring off predators. The same protective instincts honed on the hills means the Shepards will always come to the aid of their countrymen when the call goes out.

A variant on the Shepard Chassis, the Shearer wields twin crooks, each with an integrated power strimmer. Nothing less can easily part a wool beast from it's hide. Unlike Shepards, Shearers move from town to town with the seasons working from contract to contract. Without the range of their brother mechs, they are rarely on the front lines, finding their devastating claws better employed in close support actions.

It is unclear what the Fellwalkers are and how they tie the Nutherner's to the blasted hills. They are clearly revered by the tight-lipped clans and seem able to walk through the thickest defensive line without danger. Tall and wide and wrapped in patchwork cloth, it is said their eyes glow faintly but the rest of their face is hidden behind a thick beard. Some claim they have three legs, while others that antlers jut out the side of their tall black hats. Creatures of mist and shadow, there is no record of a Fellwalker harming a living soul but such is the dread they inspire they are often targeted above and beyond regular Nutherner forces.

Author:  madd0ct0r [ Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The world of Blighty

Eeking out an existance in ruins of old cities, Neds are the alrgest and least organzied of the Blighty factions. Towering vertical farms are stocked with waste mined from ancient sewer systems whilst pigs and feral children root around the lower levels. Countless shortlived generations have been born and died in the shadows of these towers and coming almost to worship them as Gods. In their turn, the congealed circuits of the towers' environmental units have grown grown and developed, perhaps viewing the Neds as the rightful inhabitants.

Marked more by quantity then quality, a mob of shoppers will desecend on an area, stripping and stealing what they can. Rudimentary weapons are still a threat when they outnumber you a score to one and mobility means nothing in the twisting ruins the Neds inhabit. Caught in the open however, a small disciplined force can ensure the shoppers pay a heavy price.

Pigs are the basis of the Ned's surface economy with a horde of tusked, scarred grunters a sign of a region's wealth and fertility. Poorer tribes even armour and ride their favorites to battle. Wise generals appreciate the shock power of a squealing charge to smash formations, overturn tanks and reduce tactics to the swirling chaos the Neds excel in.

Nahc Tanks
Tracked or wheeled, the Nahc are small nimble tanks, copied and adapted from the Urban Control forces deployed during the Incident. Employing the same 'volume matters' philosophy behind the Shoppas, Nahc tanks are often used as a punishment detail, crews fighting as hard for their own survival as for loot or glory.

Krazee's, Spark'eds or just plain Nuttas, these the Neds hooked on death and destruction. Explosives, firebombs, heavy rifles or elaborate booby traps, it only matters that they get to watch the chaos as it unfolds. Unable to function inside Ned society, they hone their craft on the outskirts, ranging far ahead of the masses and giving Ned territory its unsavoury reputation.

The tower's use their own automated rubbish collectors to crush and clear paths in the rubble, dumping the refuse into the recycling centers or block-repair digesters. Resourceful gangs of Shoppas often add ladders, platforms or other ways to hitch a ride on the robotic trucks, seeing it as an easy way to get to new areas ahead of the others. As well as the truck's manipualtors, the tools the Cuttas carry tend to be nasty in their own right and the only acceptable transport for a Boss Ned.

It has been said the Towers feed and encourage the Neds for their own ends, not least as a form of immune system. During major assaults when the city is roused, smaller towers can uproot themselves, thundering along on swollen pseudo-tentacles. When the enemy's walls are breached the tower soon forces it's way in, sending tendrils deep along the service conduits of the enemy city.

Camera Crew
What motivates the Shoppas to war? Fear of their Boss can keep them there and greed can drive the first wave. In the long term a canny Boss knows an active filmcrew will keep everyone in the fight for glory, out of shame or even the prospect of landing their own reality TV show after the conflict.

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