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Inquisitors and Weird Tactics/Equipment -

 Post subject: Inquisitors and Weird Tactics/Equipment -
PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2003 5:27 pm 
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Hello all,

Well, I have planned to convert two of my chapter's strike cruisers. Basically I will use a regular Empire cruiser hull for them and work on them from that.

The thing is, in the background the ships come from a non-Imperial facility, one controlled by an other "Empire", the Palma or Palman Empire (still undecided name). That Empire holds control of only one sector, but that sector has an important ship dock construction facility and one powerful forge world to supply it with the needed stuff.

In fact it is that that keeps them independent: their fleet is HUGE for a mere sector, having more than 300 vessels, most of them cruisers and light cruisers, so the conquest cost for the Imperium is a LOAD of ships from their segmentum fleet, and they don't plan on doing that.

Well, my chapter reached an agreement with that non-Imperial organization to get stuff for protection. If you recall my fluff my chapter is under an interdict not allowing them to get resources from Imperial worlds, so from the chapter's POV it is a good move, since that system is also human, and even if not loyal to the Imperium, they respect the Emperor (after all the Astronomicon guides their vessels as well) and they fight against chaos and the xenos since they are near the maelstrom.

Well, you see, a fair agreement for both of them. Well, then we have our friends, the Inquisitors.

- How would they see such agreement?
- The blatant act of a traitor?
- Direct heresy?
- A good point since the Marines are fighting against chaos that comes out in the maelstrom and so they are doing well?

Usually the line traition/not following my orders strictly enough for my taste/ heresy is a slim one, and this is why I am asking.

I suppose the answer is that they would simply blame the whole chapter as heretics and burn them in the stake, but to be sure. :)

The Inquisition is not precisely a very tolerant organisation, but maybe there is something that I have not noticed or that I am not aware of. I think I heard something about different organizations/visions inside the Inquisition, with some groups thinking that anything that is used to fight against chaos is good, even using demons themselves to fight demons, and others thinking that anything that is not purely Imperial stinks big time and should be burned at the stake or its' 40k equivalent.

Oh, let alone the fact that I plan on having an scout squad with shurikens...but that's an other thing ;) using xenos equipment, and partially using Alpha Legion infiltration tactics as well as those of the Raven Guard (shouldn't have said that)...

That surely is heresy, no matter what are you defending with those! ;) lol

- So, are the Marines, loyal to the emperor and forced to ally themselves with non-Imperial but certainly not anti-Imperial forces heretics?
- Or that can be tolerated and their resources share encouraged?

The other side are humans after all, and they do not follow chaos...

Health and a lot of sixes,

Commanding legions forward while sitting in a nice armchair.

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