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Black Griffons Fleet List
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Author:  Xavi [ Mon Dec 13, 2004 2:43 am ]
Post subject:  Black Griffons Fleet List

Hello all,

Here comes the fleet list of my chapter. It is how I designed it, not from a standpoint of efficiency or battle performance, but from what I thought they would be able to get their hands in. For comments on how that would work, I expect some comments from the list :) I am not too worried about that really. I have collected most of those but I am still lacking in a few escorts and one strike cruiser as well as the space station, that I want to build. Without further addo here it comes. Some explanations in itallics follow the list.

- 1 reroll
- The Cleansers (terminator assault tream)

- Despoiler class battleship (torpedoes)

Recovered from an ork space hulk, this has served as the base of the chapter for most of its existence. Currently it has been transfered to second line duties, since its massive maintenance and the adquisition of the Ellyr Station has meant that it is better to keep it for when its presence is needed, that is not usual when your location is hiden and you operate in rapid strike operations most of the time.

FOOTNOTE: I am deeply disatisfied with the new marine list not allowing you to take grand cruisers here. It would have been my elected battle barge in that case.

- 2 strike cruisers

The two surviving SC of the Fire Griffons, later the Black Griffons. They have served the chapter well and long, and even if they have suffered grievous damage in a lot of engagements they are completely trusted by the brother marines. The Purification Spear was lost recently when an ork suicide ram destabilized its plasma reactor, causing a massive explosion. 24 brother marines and three servants of the Machine God died in the explosion, as well as countless servitors and human crew. The Fury has been teamed with the Hermes (see below) from that point onwards

- 2 strike cruisers

These are not strike cruisers in origin, but dauntless light cruisers. They have been adopted to the needs of the chapter, though, and after heavy modifications have a performance similar to that of a regular strike cruiser. They were won afte rthe Battle of Illusions, where the intervention of the space marines helped the Palan empire to defeat a tzenchian force. The ships were awarded to the mrines as a prize.

- strike cruiser

The latest adquisition of the chapter. This strike cruiser is not a standard pattern cruiser either. It is in fact one of the light cruisers buolt by the Oniss Federation. Achieved from the rogue federation as payment for making an assault on an ork shipyard. Its configuration is very similar to that of a strike cruiser, though, and after some small refits it entered service as the 5th cruiser of the chapter. After the loss of the Purification Spear it tends to be teamed with the Fury.

NOTE: I still have to build this one.

- 3 Gladius

Amalgamation of all the Gladius escorts that the chapter had. Only one has been lost permanently in action since then, but most of the time at least one of the Gladius escorts is in the Ellyr station for an overhaul or extended repairs as combat consequence. The other escort squadrons tend to have similar situations, since they are the ones carrying the brunt of the patrols and fighting in most cases, while the cruisers remain docked in the Ellyr station. In a lot of cases they are teamed up with elements of the Claws Squadron since none of them is generally at full strength

- 3 Gladius (sword Models)

Squadron of 5 swords that was adopted by the chapter in the Pler. They took the squadron as payment for the sevices they provided in defending the system, even if the Imperial Navy was not completely satisfied by the deal. They basically could do nothing to prevent it. Two of the swords were lost during the Pacification of Talomenia. One of them was replaced by a model built for the chapter in the shipyards of Gedna IV following the specifications of the chapter.

- 3 Novas

- 4 Hunters

- 4 Hunters

The three remaining escort squadrtons of the chapter. Have been wioth them since the beguining of their errand. The Iron beaks are in fact heavily modified cobra escorts.

- 2 space stations put together to have a BIG station that can act as a base for the fleet.

An old human base of non imperial origin (it seems that its core is older than the Space Marine Project, probably colonized somewhere in M27), it was captured from the Orks in 995.M41 it has served as the base of the chapter since then. It is manned by human servitors, but acts as the fortress of the chapter. It is hidden in one of the rings of a gas giant in an unhabitated system in the borders between the Oniss Federation, the Ork territory and that of the self proclaimed "Independent Empire of the Red Corsairs (that is but a punny supply dump point for the red corsairs). So far is has had no need to defend itself, but after its recovery the marines made sure that it is bristling with weaponry and equiplemt for their use and the station's use in their defence.

In addition, there are several weapons platforms in the Ellyr system for defence, but they are not counted as part of the chapter (basically because I have not built them at all!!!)

TOTAL FLEET: 2300 (2000 without the Ellyr Station)

So here it comes, my third "brick" post in 4 days ;) Hope you liked it. I don't know if the fleet would be any good but it is my chapter's fleet, so I have to stick to it!! :D

Coments or suggestions? The names of the escorts for one are temporary since I do not favour all of them. The names of the battle barge/despoiler and the cruisers are set in stone, though (except for the Hermes).



Author:  Cuban Commissar [ Mon Dec 13, 2004 4:39 am ]
Post subject:  Black Griffons Fleet List

I like what you have done with the fluff and explanation and all.  I just wasn't aware that there was a way to take Chaos battleship in a Marine list.

Author:  Xavi [ Mon Dec 13, 2004 5:02 am ]
Post subject:  Black Griffons Fleet List

Actually, the Gloria Imperialis was set as a modified despoiler several months ago (more than a year ago by now). I planned to use battlebarge rules for it originally and wrote extensively to justify the chages that it would need. The new article in the fanatic magazine made it easier, though, since it made it possible to take Venerable Battle Barges, that are nothing more than IN and chaos BBs. Having NOT seen the list myself (unfortunately I didn't consider it worthy for me to subscribe to it) I rely in Army Builder to justify my claim, but here it is. If I made a mistake there I will simply field a regular battle barge instead :)

But yup, I believe the list is legal :D

An othe rpoint is the station. Since they are 2 stations I plan to have some space between them so that I can place the BB there, as if it was a massive docking facility. I like the idea, and 2 stations are always better than one!!! That raises a question, though: can you squadron defences? ???



Author:  wargame_insomniac [ Mon Dec 13, 2004 12:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Black Griffons Fleet List

I thought you COULD take GC's as VBBs?



Author:  Xavi [ Mon Dec 13, 2004 5:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Black Griffons Fleet List

As I said in my first post on this thread, I do NOT have the fanatic magazine at all. I am relying in the Army Builder archives for my first-hand knowledge on the marine lists. I am sure they contain mistakes and this seems to be one of them. :) Glad you can take a GC here. We will see if the Gloria Imperialis shrinks :D

Health and sixes,


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