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 Forum: EpiComms NetEA Rules Amendments   Topic: Knight size (type and damage capacity)

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:00 am 

Replies: 6
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I agree with GlynG, in the abstract, if not necessarily the particulars. The door is (and has been, based on many of the existing lists) open for War Engines at fairly arbitrary DC values. DC1 is the only remotely questionable usage, as currently it's only used in a few lists (Experimental Harkoni W...

 Forum: NetEA Tau   Topic: New Tau book

 Post subject: Re: New Tau book
Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:56 pm 

Replies: 42
Views: 6336

A Warhound (DC3) sits at around 14-20m, depending on source. A Baneblade (DC3) chassis is about 13-14m long. Eldar Superheavy tanks (DC3) sit at around 18m long, but are less heavily built than Baneblades. What few sources I could find on the size of the Knights (DC1/DC2 depending on the config) is ...

 Forum: NetEA Tau   Topic: New Tau book

 Post subject: Re: New Tau book
Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:10 pm 

Replies: 42
Views: 6336

I'm going to mostly agree with Tastyfish on the AA role for the Riptide. The main reason I suggested using the Velocity Tracker/AA as default for Riptides is the hole that fills in the Tau army. Right now, if you want AA, you're pretty much going to have to bring Skyrays or your own air support. If ...

 Forum: NetEA Tau   Topic: Vior'la Tau - Developmental V1.9

Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:16 pm 

Replies: 490
Views: 84390

As far as size alone goes, I'd say the Dreadknight is probably right on the edge of what could possibly be a DC2 WE, which makes the larger Riptide a pretty decent shoo-in. Also for comparison, the current Hive Fleet Leviathan is specing Trygons, Tyrranofex and Tervigons as DC2 WE, and those kits ar...

 Forum: NetEA Tau   Topic: New Tau book

 Post subject: Re: New Tau book
Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:16 pm 

Replies: 42
Views: 6336

I like the use of MW/Slow Fire to handle the Nova-Charge mode. That seems quite reasonable. I'm thinking DC2 is probably appropriate, if not that, at the very least Reinforced Armor. These things are, by raw stats, about 3x as survivable as an entire squad of Terminators in 40k (same total wounds, s...

 Forum: Epic Armageddon   Topic: Eldar Knights come to 40k

Posted: Mon May 27, 2013 7:28 pm 

Replies: 29
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Hrm, actually they're about right.

The Wraithknights are around 10 inches tall, so about 10x the size of a normal trooper. 10x a 6mm trooper is 60mm, which is roughly the right size for a wraithguard.

 Forum: Tournaments, Conventions and Meet-ups   Topic: EPIC UK Chaos Review and Dark Eldar Codex

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:26 pm 

Replies: 14
Views: 1108

I just finished a first pass over the Dark Eldar list. I like it as a "modernized" and streamlined version of the Raiders list. One question, is the option for Barges meant to be '100 each', rather than 100 for 1 or 100 for 2 as it's currently written? Also, how does the Transport option i...

 Forum: Tactical Command Updates   Topic: Tapatalk?

 Post subject: Re: Tapatalk?
Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:36 pm 

Replies: 18
Views: 2954

Thank you for this.

I actually like using Tapatalk better than a desktop browser for simple reading.

This is now two more of my regular forums that use it.

 Forum: EpiComms NetEA Rules Amendments   Topic: NetEA Army List Compendium 2012 - 20120208

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:51 am 

Replies: 31
Views: 10679

Not 100% sure if these are actual errors, as the only historical versions of the list I could easily find went by the name 'SUMBUDDIERUVVER’S BLOOD AXE WAR HORDE ORK ARMY'. However, there's a number of inconsistencies in the BLOOD AXE KOMMANDANT UG SKRAGGA MORKRUMPS’S KORPS ORK ARMY list. Both are l...

 Forum: EpiComms NetEA Rules Amendments   Topic: Epic Armageddon Handbook - Alpha

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 10:52 pm 

Replies: 290
Views: 18186

Re: Eldar Renevant Titan Formation.

Change list includes a decrease in cost to 600 for 2, which isn't reflected in either the Biel-Tan or Ulthwe list.

 Forum: EpiComms NetEA Rules Amendments   Topic: Epic Armageddon Handbook - Alpha

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 7:05 pm 

Replies: 290
Views: 18186

I believe there's a typo on the Ulthwe army section.  It currently lists a Black Guardian Warhost as 2 Farseer units and 8 Guardian units.  The "official" SG v2.3 PDF and Chroma's proposed 3.0 list both show this formation as 2 Farseers and 6 Guardian units.

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