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3K Tau vs Minervan

 Post subject: 3K Tau vs Minervan
PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 3:11 pm 
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My brother and I played our 3rd game using my Tau.
The 2 previous games followed a similar path and unfortunately, so did this one.

We used the original rulebook with the new Skimmer rules.

The Battlefield.

The Minervan Army. V1.6

*With 36 Leman Russ (variant) tanks we had to use both GW and DRM minis to make up the numbers.

My Tau force. V4.4.2

I'm still working on getting proxy ScorionFish's so TigerSharks had to do for now.

After Objectives were placed I deployed my MarkerLight Sentry Turrets. These little formations have caused my opponents a lot of strife as they try to decide whether or not to take them out first. My Kroot were Garrisoned in between where I thought the main forces would set up.
Both my brothers Vulture squadrons were garrisoned on Over-watch near his Blitz.


1st Turn.

Tau win initiative.

The Hero moves into position above the battlefiels and prepares to srtrike. My brother having had a Baneblade Company gutted and broken by orbital bombardment before chose not to take any war engines this time...

The 2 missile salvos are targeted on the Vultures. 2 Vultures are destroyed from the first group with only a blast marker being placed on the second. The broken Vultures move into cover.

Retaining, the Tau try to break the second group. DevilFish transports use the cover well and move into firing position. They hit once but the Vulture saves.

The Minervan commander decides that killing the Markerlight Sentrys is most important and the First Medusa Platoon Sustains fire on the nearest Sentry, killing it.

Over the next few activations, the Tau try to finish the second Vulture Squadron. Again using cover, 2 ScorpionFish pump out 12 missile shots doing no damage but breaking the Vultures. They move into cover near the first Squadron.

The Minervans basically spend the rest of the turn, destroying the Markerlight Sentry Turrets that have them lit up. They also take a couple of pot-shots at the Kroot killing a couple of stands of Hounds.

This gives the Tau time to move into range and continue picking off targets.
The HammerHeads glide over the trees and move into position behind a hill, killing 3 Conquerors on the way.

The Conqerors Marshal.

The last ScorpionFish follows the Hammerheads and kills 2 more Conquerors (including the Supreme Commander).

The other FireWarrior Cadre moves to the outskirts of the woods and launches a missile attack on the Coquerors, placing another blast marker.

The StingRays Advance and attack one of the Leman Russ Companies killing one.

The Tau Shas'O and the Crisis Suit Cadre move towards the other side of the board, out of harms way. They took up position to be able to claim the furthest objective or to cover the Tau Blitz if needed.

The Kroot took an advance action and moved the remaining Hound to within 30cms of the broken Imperial units to hinder rallying.

The board looked like this after turn 1 (I actually took the pic after 1 or 2 activations of the 2nd turn but it wasn't too different).

The Kroot rally and remove all blast markers.

Both Vulture Squadrons remain Broken.
Most other Imperial units rally.

Turn 2.

Tau win initiative.

The HammerHeads pop-up and target the 2 visable Vultures destroying them easily.
Retaining, a ScorpionFish moves toward the center of the board and kills a couple of Leman Russ tanks.

In reply, Medusas rumble forwards and take some shots at the Kroot, killing a couple of the feared warriors (my brother was overly fearful of getting too close to them, just as I had hoped).

The FireWarriors in the ruins take an advance move and the DevilFish change position to get a few shots at one of the Leman Russ companies, killing one.

The just targetted Leman Russ company tries to advance but fails to activate.

The FireWarriors in the woods Double towards the 2 objectives on the Tau half and take up position in a destroyed tower.

The remaining Minervan Medusas advance onto the bridge and shoot at the FireWarriors giving them a blast marker.

The StingRays advance and launch an attack on the Medusas, killing 2 and braking them.

Therewas another failed activation for the Minervans whilst the Tau seemed to pick off targets much more easily. The Imperials did manage to kill the Kroot Hound that was hindering the broken formations from rallying.

The Crisis Suits held their position for the 3rd turn.

Again, I took this photo at the begining of the 3rd turn but it shows most of what I have descibed.

The Tau remove most blas markers.

Both of the Vulture Squadrons rally but there isn't much luck for the rest of the Imperials.

Turn 3.

By this point, my brother was feeling pretty dejected and wanted to surrender.
We played another couple of activations until it was truly over.

Tau win the initiative and Advance 2 of the scorpionFish formations forward to finish off the Vultures.

The Thunderers sustain fire on one of the ScorpionFish and causing a critical destroy it utterly. It was a high point for the Minervans and pretty much signalled the end of their resistance.

Tau formations moved forwards and placed blast markers on every Imperial formation with the result that quite a few of them failed to activate.

It was all over.

This was the final look of the board.

This game wasn't much fun and I think my brother finally learnt a lot of lessons from it. He needed to be much more aggressive and get in the Tau's half quickly.

I've asked some questions about anti-Tau tactics HERE and have already passed them onto my opponents (Dobbsy was also very helpful by pm).

I hope the next Tau game is more interesting (5th time lucky...).

Just call me Steve.

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 Post subject: 3K Tau vs Minervan
PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 4:40 pm 

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Great report, It's a leason hard learnt that you can not stand still in a game of Epic.

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 Post subject: 3K Tau vs Minervan
PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 4:59 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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(Tiny-Tim @ Mar. 26 2008,15:40)
Great report, It's a leason hard learnt that you can not stand still in a game of Epic.

Yeah, looks like he's getting so fixated on the Sentries that he's forgetting to take out the units that are actually *firing* the missiles!  *laugh*

Thanks for the report.

"EPIC: Total War" Lead Developer

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 Post subject: 3K Tau vs Minervan
PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:55 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Thanks for the report, it's good to see the Tau in action. Great models and set-up too (and maps!).

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