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[batrep] OGBM vs. Space Marines 3k

 Post subject: [batrep] OGBM vs. Space Marines 3k
PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 12:35 am 
Brood Brother
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Good game guys!  Very enjoyable!

Always good to see the OGBM in play and a viciously close game!

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 Post subject: [batrep] OGBM vs. Space Marines 3k
PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 10:01 pm 

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I completely missed this batrep first time around.

The BMs for being CAP'd and any damage go on the aircraft.  In the case of the Snappa Mob air assault, that would have been 2 on the Landa (1 from interception, 1 from damage - CAP) and 3 on the Snappas (from damage).

I think the strength of the Snappa mob is that it gets all units in base contact (only 8 models versus 12-14 for a warband - nearly impossible) and that it does more direct damage.  Once you add in the grots to the assault resolution, the average warband assault has a slightly better chance to win, but when the Snappas win they have done more damage.

As far as the game, I think it was slow because of the reluctance to throw down the actual air assaults.

I don't understand going for the Speeders.  The only threat they posed was grabbing objectives, which could have been dealt with later in the game.  Focusing on them so much early on cost a lot of opportunities.

Just as an example, on turn 1 a strafe/air assault against the SC Tacticals would probably have wiped them out, or at least taken them out of the game (1-2 kills from the strafe, ~5 kills from the assault, plus 1-2 hackdowns).  That would have taken out the Hunter and the SC reroll.  The Snappas could have consolidated away from the Landa to prevent intermingling.  The unused Thawk could have counterattacked with an air assault, but it could only get a ~200 point unit - either just the Landa, or a damaged Snappamob.  That trades a 200-250 point unit and an air assault for ~600 points of units and an air assault.

I have to say I would have chosen the Lifta Droppa option for the Great Gargant.  It's more flexible in general, especially against Marines where that third soopagun template isn't likely to get much.

I'd say the best thing would have been to crush the ground units.  The Reaver didn't have the firepower to go toe-to-toe with a Great Gargant and its ability to claim objectives is seriously limited.  Without aircract being able to contest, the SMs would only have 7 possible scoring formations and you could have disabled most of them.

In contrast, I don't see much the SMs could have done until the Landas started dropping troops.  The air assaults weren't going to take down a Great Gargant.  The choice was between forming up tight to protect against the air or spread out and hope to bait some of them into landing.  I'd say the Tbolts should definitely have gone on CAP.  They can use their 30cm AA attacks and harass the Landas without fear of defensive AA.  Chances of killing them are quite slim, but the extra BMs would have helped.

Overall, the big thing that it makes me wonder about is whether the Grot Attack rule might be too powerful in certain situations like this.


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