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New infantry ideas

 Post subject: New infantry ideas
PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:25 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Hi I've been looking through old lists and new lists.
Do you think it would be fun to make them closer to their 40k playstyle?

Main premise is to reduce ranges down closer to 40K ranges ie 25cm for bolters

In 8th 40k imperial guard and marines move 6 inches which was the standard.
If you translate that move distance in epic it is = to 10cm
Orks now move 5 and eldar 7 inches in 40k this has replaced initiative

Slowing down orks would be a problem.
I would like to make eldar move 10cm advance 25 cm on charge

Second idea; orks and eldar use shoota's range 18 assault and shuriken catapults range 12 assault

Also what if they both could shoot while on charge orders due to their assault style weapons (move and shoot in 40k) I would limit their weapon range to 1/2 on charge orders(fire this in advance phase)(Cannot cc and shoot same turn)
I envision an orc horde rushing a dugin imperial guard line shooting all the way.

Bolters and lasguns would be 25cm range, ork shoota's 20cm, eldar shuriken catapults 15cm and pistols 10cm

Imperial guard would get ( first rank second rank fire) First fire orders get 2 shots if target is under 1/2 range.
Same for space marines with bolters rapid fire 2 shots under 1/2 range.

Would you want to get this kind of detail? To add flavour to the game?

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