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Author:  splash [ Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Missing Threads

Well, I just went to Otterman's photobucket Otterware page to see what was new and think about picking up some new stuff, and its gone. Very sad. So, assuming the worst, I came here to see what happened...and what I was thinking was right. GW has done it again. I won't claim its not their right, but the Otterware was the main reason why I kept into Epic as much as I have. Now posts and threads are being deleted and that really smacks me hard as wrong--but I completely understand CyberShadow's stance on this. CYA and all that stuff.

I don't really know what else to say. If I can't get the Otterware Chaos stuff I need, I just don't think there's any point continuing to collect. I don't really want half a project sitting around rotting that will NEVER be finished. Looks like its time to sell what I have and move on to something else, most probably and gleefully any one of GW's competitors.

GW does more to ruin and stifle their own hobby than any other force out there. I understand IP protection and all that, but to protect a dead game that they admit they will do nothing with makes me feel queezy...but I'm probably just being biased about it.

I have one finaly naive question, because though I claim to understand all this IP pissing and stuff, I probably don't as much as I think: If someone were to make "copies" or close-copies or just extra parts and stuff, and GIVE THEM AWAY for no profit whatsoever...you know, nevermind. I withdraw the question.

But here's another: what if Chapterhouse wins? What will that mean?

I'm done rambling. I'm done with Epic. I'm done with GW. I'm done with IPs and infringements and legal issues and court cases and copyrights and butthurt companies and all that stuff.

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